Keeping your Irvine home safe, clean, and healthy with our carpet cleaning services


1st Choice carpet cleaning in Irvine provides the best carpet cleaning services in South Orange County. We provide your home in Irvine with fresh clean carpets for your children and pets so that you can have a clean home for them to play in! If you do not think your carpets are dirt see for yourself, Don’t believe me? Move that end table beside your couch. See how different the pile is under that versus high-traffic areas? Do you really want to put your bare feet on all that tracked-in dirt from outside, not knowing what’s in it or if it’s safe or healthy? Do you really want your kids to lie on their bellies on that carpet watching TV? 1st Choice carpet cleaning company in Irvine can clean your carpets and provide your home with not only a new look but safe carpets for your children and pets.

Cleaning your own carpets can be costly, time-consuming. It’s best to contact a professional carpet cleaner in Irvine to get a quote on cleaning your carpets the right way so that they stay freshly cleaned longer. Many of them will throw in a second or third room for free if you purchase a certain amount of rooms to be cleaned. Others will give discounts for certain times of the year, such as in between major spring and fall cleanings, which is considered their off-season. There are plenty of package deals and discounts available, so shop around and find a good price on a reputable company.

Another necessary job is air duct cleaning. Depending on how hot or cold it gets in your area, you may be pumping dirty air into your home every time you use the heat or air conditioning. Without regular air duct cleaning, you may be pumping dirt, dust, allergens or even mold and spores directly into your family’s lungs. Unfortunately, the cleaning of these air ducts is generally beyond the scope of your average do-it-yourselfer. You should enlist the help of a qualified professional to make sure your ducts are thoroughly cleaned.

The best time to do this is in between extreme weather seasons, such as in the spring or fall, after the bulk of the heating or air condition is is done for the year, so it will stay cleaner longer. Another good time to perform duct cleaning is before you plan on using them, so you won’t have to worry about pumping that dirty air back into your house. Keeping your house clean and your family healthy is priority one.