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How To Successfully Clean your Tiles

Tile flooring is a durable choice for kitchens and bathrooms in most households. While durable in nature, grease and stain pose a risk of damaging your flooring. Although tiles and grout are widely known to be difficult to clean, this can be solved by cleaning your tiles routinely using a few simple techniques.

The Basics of Tile Cleaning

Tiles may be quite resistant to dirt in general, but materials such as sand and grit can dull glazed surfaces. To eliminate this, you need to:

Use a sweep or vacuum on glazed floors routinely to avoid them getting dull.

Clean tiles with mild detergents and water. Use a mop to eliminate excess dirt in the grout lines.Change water frequently to avoid a cloudy surface.

Keep repeating this process until you are satisfied with your tile surfaces.

Remove Residue

If your tiles have a hazy looking surface, this can be due to a cleaning soapy mixture. You can use any citrus based acid, such as lemon to clean the tile surface without damaging the tiles.

Use lemon juice only on ceramic tiles. If you have marble tiles, avoid using any type of acid, as this will ruin the surface.

Have Great Looking Grout

The secret to making your tiles looking great lies in great grout. However, grout is a highly porous material – which attracts stains and grease easily. An effective solution is to form a paste of water and baking soda and leave it resting overnight on the grout. The day after, you can simply use a nylon brush to remove dirt.

Repeat this process until the tiles look great. You can a silicone sealer to protect the grout in the future and prevent any liquid from reaching the grout.

We Can Clean Your Tiles Effectively

By applying a combination of these steps and using deep cleaning techniques, your tiles will look like new. Just remember to not over clean as this can damage the tile flooring.

Here at Orange County Cleaning Company, we have vast experience in cleaning tiles and other materials. We use the best procedure to give your tiles a great look. Contact us to inquire about our service and get your tiles cleaned in the best possible way.

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