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6 Questions to Ask before Hiring a Carpet Cleaner in Huntington Beach

If you want to save both time and money, take advantage of the expertise of a professional carpet cleaner, such as 1st Choice Carpet and Air Duct of Huntington Beach, California. By hiring a professional carpet cleaner, you can rest assured that your carpet will be well taken care of. However, not all those who say they are professionals can be trusted.

Only by asking the right questions can you be assured of hiring the right carpet cleaner. To help you out, we’ve put together six questions you need to be asking before hiring a carpet cleaner in Huntington Beach.

1. Which is your preferred carpet cleaning method?

Carpet cleaners use a lot of methods. But not all cleaning methods are the same. Some are only as effective as the equipment used, while some can only be used under the right circumstances and for the right type of carpet. There are methods that thoroughly clean the carpet, while there are some that only clean the surface. Some methods involve the use of water, while some use very little to no water at all. For carpets installed in homes, the most ideal carpet cleaning method is hot water extraction, such as being used by 1st Choice Carpet and Air Duct. It’s safe and effective and thoroughly cleans the carpet, getting rid of even deep-seated dust and dirt.

2. What are the types of cleaning equipment that you use?

After determining the cleaning method, ask the cleaner what type of cleaning equipment they use. It is essential to know this so you would know whether the equipment matches the type of method. Otherwise, your carpet could be at risk. A motorized machine and a vacuum cleaner are typically used for dry cleaning. Some more specialized machines are used for others such as hot water extraction.

3. What stuff is the equipment going to remove from my carpet?

This question lets you determine whether or not your carpet will be cleaned thoroughly. It could be that all you require is a surface cleaning for an even on that day, or that you require a longer-lasted clean.

4. How many times in a month should I have my carpet cleaned?

Knowing how many times your carpet needs cleaning in a month is crucial. Cleaning it too often could damage it. The professional carpet cleaner should be able to determine the frequency of having it cleaned by determining the material used for making the carpet, the activities around the house or office, as well as foot traffic.

5. May I please see some certificate?

This may not matter to some, but asking for a certificate and knowing the sort of carpet cleaning the cleaner had would give you a peace of mind and confidence that your carpet will be well taken care of.

6. What sort of guarantee do you offer?

A written guarantee is one of the most important things that a service provider should be able to provide. It transfers the risk to them in the event that the job goes wrong.

Let us take care of your Huntington Beach carpet cleaning needs. Call 1st Choice Carpet and Air Duct today at 714-400-7458 or 714-987-2840, or fill out our contact us form.

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