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4 Things to Look for from a Corona Carpet Cleaner

You know how it feels like when your home or office carpet is clean. You can smell the refreshing scent of a clean carpet that’s free of dust, dirt, and bacteria. That’s what our clients at 1st Choice Carpet and Air Duct Cleaning of Corona tell us after we’ve delivered our service. Our carpet cleaning service guarantees quality and satisfaction that are unmatched in this industry of ours.

To help you find the best carpet cleaner in Corona, we’ve come up with four things you need to look for when hiring one:

Is the carpet cleaner certified?

A carpet cleaner that is certified offers more than just great service. They offer peace of mind. Their certification is proof of their being an expert. It gives you a good sense of how well-trained and experienced they are in professionally cleaning carpets. Their skills have been gained from the successful completion of rigorous training in the industry. So before signing any contract with any carpet cleaner, make a point of asking for their certification first.

What sort of carpet cleaning method do they use?

Carpet cleaners use various cleaning methods. However, not all of the methods they use produce the best results. This is why it’s important to make sure that you ask the carpet cleaner about the methods that they employ. One of the best methods you should be on the lookout for is hot water extraction, such as being used by 1st Choice Carpet and Air Duct of Corona. People think that this method could damage the carpet because it uses hot water. The truth is, it is about the only method that should be used for any type of carpet.

Most experts in this industry swear by this method. It involves a very thorough cleaning process and offers the most long-lasting clean. This method gets rid of dirt, fungus, bacteria, and hard-to-reach tiny objects very effectively.

Do they have insurance?

A carpet cleaning service provider must have a license, bond and insurance to show for. A carpet cleaner that carries an insurance provides you with a peace of mind because you know that you are covered in case something goes wrong with their job.

Do they offer any guarantee?

The carpet cleaner that you choose must provide a written guarantee. In many cases, customers have been duped by some providers by telling them that it’s not needed or that it’s something they should forget about. Before any cleaning is done, ask the cleaner what sort of guarantee can they offer in the event that the job doesn’t end up as expected? Would there be any refund or a rework? If they assure you of something, don’t just take their word for it. Have it in writing.

If you are in Corona and are in need of professional carpet cleaning service, call 1st Choice Carpet and Air Duct today at 714-400-7458 or 714-987-2840, or fill out our contact us form.

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