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4 Qualities an Aliso Viejo Carpet Cleaning Service Provider should Have

Your family will breathe a fresher air in your home with a clean carpet. That’s our guarantee at 1st Choice Carpet and Air Duct Cleaning. Our Aliso Viejo carpet cleaning service offers you a peace of mind with our hot water extraction method, our certified service providers and our service guarantee. Before you hire a carpet cleaning service provider in Aliso Viejo you need to be certain that they possess these qualities.

Let’s discuss each one.

Warm service with a hot water extraction

There are lots of methods that carpet cleaning service providers out there employ, but not all methods offer the best result. Be sure to ask the cleaner thoroughly about their methods and ask if they clean using hot water extraction. At 1st Choice Carpet and Air Duct, that is one of our guarantees. You might think that hot water would damage your carpet, but the truth is that this method cleans the carpet like no other.

Hot water extraction is a method highly recommended by most major carpet manufacturers and suppliers. It offers the most thorough cleaning for your carpets and gives the best, long-lasting results. It effectively removes harmful bacteria, dirt, fungus, deep-seated chemicals, and other hard-to-reach residues.

Certified service providers

Like in most professional services, it gives you a lot more confidence and peace of mind if your provider bears a professional certification. Certified cleaners are those that have been proven to be experts in their field. They have earned their skills from experience and successful completion of thorough carpet cleaning training. Before you sign any contract with any carpet cleaner, be sure to ask for some certification. You may call any certifying organization in your area to verify the validity of the carpet cleaner’s certificate.

Offers guarantee

A good provider of professional service should offer some guarantee in writing.  This is something that many fly-by-nighters would skip or tell customers to forget about. One of the first things that you need to know before hiring a carpet cleaner is what they can offer in case the job doesn’t go well. Would they offer a refund? Would they do the job all over again? If they do offer a guarantee, be sure that it is in writing, so you will have something to hold on to in case something goes wrong.

Offers peace of mind with insurance

Any professional provider must be licensed, bonded and insured. Check your service provider if they can show proof of being insured, so that you are covered in case something goes wrong. Never assume that just because they offer professional service, they are licensed and insured. That’s taking a huge risk on your part.

At 1st Choice Carpet and Air Duct in Aliso Viejo, it is our priority to provider customer satisfaction and peace of mind.

For your reference, here’s how we clean carpets:

  • We thoroughly evaluate the customer’s carpet to properly address all concerns and set the right expectations
  • We pre-spray carpet to break up soil and spots
  • We thoroughly employ agitation to suspend soils for removal.
  • We use hot water extraction by truck mounted unit that thoroughly extracts soil and dirty water from the carpet.
  • We ensure that medium-sized furniture are moved for cleaning and replaced on Styrofoam blocks.

For your Aliso Viejo carpet cleaning needs, call 1st Choice Carpet and Air Duct today at 714-400-7458 or 714-987-2840, or fill out our contact us form.

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