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How To Successfully Clean your Tiles

Tile flooring is a durable choice for kitchens and bathrooms in most households. While durable in nature, grease and stain pose a risk of damaging your flooring. Although tiles and grout are widely known to be difficult to clean, this can be solved by cleaning your tiles routinely using a few simple techniques.

The Basics of Tile Cleaning

Tiles may be quite resistant to dirt in general, but materials such as sand and grit can dull glazed surfaces. To eliminate this, you need to:

Use a sweep or vacuum on glazed floors routinely to avoid them getting dull.

Clean tiles with mild detergents and water. Use a mop to eliminate excess dirt in the grout lines.Change water frequently to avoid a cloudy surface.

Keep repeating this process until you are satisfied with your tile surfaces.

Remove Residue

If your tiles have a hazy looking surface, this can be due to a cleaning soapy mixture. You can use any citrus based acid, such as lemon to clean the tile surface without damaging the tiles.

Use lemon juice only on ceramic tiles. If you have marble tiles, avoid using any type of acid, as this will ruin the surface.

Have Great Looking Grout

The secret to making your tiles looking great lies in great grout. However, grout is a highly porous material – which attracts stains and grease easily. An effective solution is to form a paste of water and baking soda and leave it resting overnight on the grout. The day after, you can simply use a nylon brush to remove dirt.

Repeat this process until the tiles look great. You can a silicone sealer to protect the grout in the future and prevent any liquid from reaching the grout.

We Can Clean Your Tiles Effectively

By applying a combination of these steps and using deep cleaning techniques, your tiles will look like new. Just remember to not over clean as this can damage the tile flooring.

Here at Orange County Cleaning Company, we have vast experience in cleaning tiles and other materials. We use the best procedure to give your tiles a great look. Contact us to inquire about our service and get your tiles cleaned in the best possible way.

Huntington Beach Carpet Cleaning

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6 Questions to Ask before Hiring a Carpet Cleaner in Huntington Beach

If you want to save both time and money, take advantage of the expertise of a professional carpet cleaner, such as 1st Choice Carpet and Air Duct of Huntington Beach, California. By hiring a professional carpet cleaner, you can rest assured that your carpet will be well taken care of. However, not all those who say they are professionals can be trusted.

Only by asking the right questions can you be assured of hiring the right carpet cleaner. To help you out, we’ve put together six questions you need to be asking before hiring a carpet cleaner in Huntington Beach.

1. Which is your preferred carpet cleaning method?

Carpet cleaners use a lot of methods. But not all cleaning methods are the same. Some are only as effective as the equipment used, while some can only be used under the right circumstances and for the right type of carpet. There are methods that thoroughly clean the carpet, while there are some that only clean the surface. Some methods involve the use of water, while some use very little to no water at all. For carpets installed in homes, the most ideal carpet cleaning method is hot water extraction, such as being used by 1st Choice Carpet and Air Duct. It’s safe and effective and thoroughly cleans the carpet, getting rid of even deep-seated dust and dirt.

2. What are the types of cleaning equipment that you use?

After determining the cleaning method, ask the cleaner what type of cleaning equipment they use. It is essential to know this so you would know whether the equipment matches the type of method. Otherwise, your carpet could be at risk. A motorized machine and a vacuum cleaner are typically used for dry cleaning. Some more specialized machines are used for others such as hot water extraction.

3. What stuff is the equipment going to remove from my carpet?

This question lets you determine whether or not your carpet will be cleaned thoroughly. It could be that all you require is a surface cleaning for an even on that day, or that you require a longer-lasted clean.

4. How many times in a month should I have my carpet cleaned?

Knowing how many times your carpet needs cleaning in a month is crucial. Cleaning it too often could damage it. The professional carpet cleaner should be able to determine the frequency of having it cleaned by determining the material used for making the carpet, the activities around the house or office, as well as foot traffic.

5. May I please see some certificate?

This may not matter to some, but asking for a certificate and knowing the sort of carpet cleaning the cleaner had would give you a peace of mind and confidence that your carpet will be well taken care of.

6. What sort of guarantee do you offer?

A written guarantee is one of the most important things that a service provider should be able to provide. It transfers the risk to them in the event that the job goes wrong.

Let us take care of your Huntington Beach carpet cleaning needs. Call 1st Choice Carpet and Air Duct today at 714-400-7458 or 714-987-2840, or fill out our contact us form.

Corona Carpet Cleaning

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4 Things to Look for from a Corona Carpet Cleaner

You know how it feels like when your home or office carpet is clean. You can smell the refreshing scent of a clean carpet that’s free of dust, dirt, and bacteria. That’s what our clients at 1st Choice Carpet and Air Duct Cleaning of Corona tell us after we’ve delivered our service. Our carpet cleaning service guarantees quality and satisfaction that are unmatched in this industry of ours.

To help you find the best carpet cleaner in Corona, we’ve come up with four things you need to look for when hiring one:

Is the carpet cleaner certified?

A carpet cleaner that is certified offers more than just great service. They offer peace of mind. Their certification is proof of their being an expert. It gives you a good sense of how well-trained and experienced they are in professionally cleaning carpets. Their skills have been gained from the successful completion of rigorous training in the industry. So before signing any contract with any carpet cleaner, make a point of asking for their certification first.

What sort of carpet cleaning method do they use?

Carpet cleaners use various cleaning methods. However, not all of the methods they use produce the best results. This is why it’s important to make sure that you ask the carpet cleaner about the methods that they employ. One of the best methods you should be on the lookout for is hot water extraction, such as being used by 1st Choice Carpet and Air Duct of Corona. People think that this method could damage the carpet because it uses hot water. The truth is, it is about the only method that should be used for any type of carpet.

Most experts in this industry swear by this method. It involves a very thorough cleaning process and offers the most long-lasting clean. This method gets rid of dirt, fungus, bacteria, and hard-to-reach tiny objects very effectively.

Do they have insurance?

A carpet cleaning service provider must have a license, bond and insurance to show for. A carpet cleaner that carries an insurance provides you with a peace of mind because you know that you are covered in case something goes wrong with their job.

Do they offer any guarantee?

The carpet cleaner that you choose must provide a written guarantee. In many cases, customers have been duped by some providers by telling them that it’s not needed or that it’s something they should forget about. Before any cleaning is done, ask the cleaner what sort of guarantee can they offer in the event that the job doesn’t end up as expected? Would there be any refund or a rework? If they assure you of something, don’t just take their word for it. Have it in writing.

If you are in Corona and are in need of professional carpet cleaning service, call 1st Choice Carpet and Air Duct today at 714-400-7458 or 714-987-2840, or fill out our contact us form.

Orange County Carpet Cleaning Company

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Questions to Ask an Orange County Carpet Cleaning Provider

Best Orange County Carpet Cleaning Company

Carpet cleaning service offers homeowners great value in terms of savings both in time and money. That’s the 1st Choice Carpet and Air Duct of Orange County guarantee. When choosing a carpet cleaner, you can’t leave anything to chance. Remember that you will be spending money which should be spent on having top-notch service that you could get by asking the right set of questions. By asking the type of carpet cleaning method the cleaner is using, the type of equipment to be used and whether or not they offer any guarantees you can eliminate the risk of ending up with fly-by-night cleaners.

When looking for an Orange County carpet cleaner, use the following seven questions:

What carpet cleaning method do you use?

There are plenty of methods used for carpet cleaning used by many professional carpet cleaners out there. Some are very effective, but only for certain types of carpets and places. Some methods thoroughly clean. Others clean only the carpet’s surface. Some use wet cleaning, while others use dry carpet cleaning. It all boils down to your very specific needs. For residential carpet cleaning, asking the type of carpet cleaning method could be a matter of life and death for your carpet. For homes, 1st Choice of Orange County’s hot water extraction cleaning is one of the most effective. It agitates the carpet fibers and removes even deep-seated dirt with pressurized hot water.

What carpet cleaning equipment do you use?

The carpet cleaning method determines the type of equipment the cleaner will use. For dry cleaning, a motorized machine is typically used followed by a vacuum cleaner to get rid of dirt. For hot water extraction, such as used by 1st Choice, a highly specialized machine is used. Asking this question gives you a good sense of how the cleaning will be done, the complexities involved, and whether or not you will be confident that your carpet would be able to handle the cleaning.

What does your equipment remove from my carpet?

Asking this question allows you to determine how thoroughly your carpet will be cleaned. You might only need the surface to be cleaned for a party later in the afternoon, or you might need one to completely remove stains and deep-seated dirt of a long lasting clean.

How often should I get my carpets cleaned?

How often your carpet is cleaned is as important as the type of cleaning method used. The cleaner should first determine the type of fiber your carpet is made of. The type of activities and foot traffic are also being taken into account. By asking this question you’ll gain a better understanding of how best to take care of your carpet.

What training have you had in cleaning carpets are are you certified?

Nothing gives you more confidence and peace of mind than having a well-trained and certified Orange County carpet cleaner.

Do you guarantee your work?

Offering a guarantee in writing is one of the things that separates a reliable carpet cleaner from fly-by-nighters. A written guarantee puts the risk into the cleaner in case something goes wrong during the carpet cleaning process.

Orange County Carpet Cleaning Company

For your Orange County carpet cleaning needs, call 1st Choice Carpet and Air Duct today at 714-400-7458 or 714-987-2840, or fill out our contact us form.

Aliso Viejo Carpet Cleaning

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4 Qualities an Aliso Viejo Carpet Cleaning Service Provider should Have

Your family will breathe a fresher air in your home with a clean carpet. That’s our guarantee at 1st Choice Carpet and Air Duct Cleaning. Our Aliso Viejo carpet cleaning service offers you a peace of mind with our hot water extraction method, our certified service providers and our service guarantee. Before you hire a carpet cleaning service provider in Aliso Viejo you need to be certain that they possess these qualities.

Let’s discuss each one.

Warm service with a hot water extraction

There are lots of methods that carpet cleaning service providers out there employ, but not all methods offer the best result. Be sure to ask the cleaner thoroughly about their methods and ask if they clean using hot water extraction. At 1st Choice Carpet and Air Duct, that is one of our guarantees. You might think that hot water would damage your carpet, but the truth is that this method cleans the carpet like no other.

Hot water extraction is a method highly recommended by most major carpet manufacturers and suppliers. It offers the most thorough cleaning for your carpets and gives the best, long-lasting results. It effectively removes harmful bacteria, dirt, fungus, deep-seated chemicals, and other hard-to-reach residues.

Certified service providers

Like in most professional services, it gives you a lot more confidence and peace of mind if your provider bears a professional certification. Certified cleaners are those that have been proven to be experts in their field. They have earned their skills from experience and successful completion of thorough carpet cleaning training. Before you sign any contract with any carpet cleaner, be sure to ask for some certification. You may call any certifying organization in your area to verify the validity of the carpet cleaner’s certificate.

Offers guarantee

A good provider of professional service should offer some guarantee in writing.  This is something that many fly-by-nighters would skip or tell customers to forget about. One of the first things that you need to know before hiring a carpet cleaner is what they can offer in case the job doesn’t go well. Would they offer a refund? Would they do the job all over again? If they do offer a guarantee, be sure that it is in writing, so you will have something to hold on to in case something goes wrong.

Offers peace of mind with insurance

Any professional provider must be licensed, bonded and insured. Check your service provider if they can show proof of being insured, so that you are covered in case something goes wrong. Never assume that just because they offer professional service, they are licensed and insured. That’s taking a huge risk on your part.

At 1st Choice Carpet and Air Duct in Aliso Viejo, it is our priority to provider customer satisfaction and peace of mind.

For your reference, here’s how we clean carpets:

  • We thoroughly evaluate the customer’s carpet to properly address all concerns and set the right expectations
  • We pre-spray carpet to break up soil and spots
  • We thoroughly employ agitation to suspend soils for removal.
  • We use hot water extraction by truck mounted unit that thoroughly extracts soil and dirty water from the carpet.
  • We ensure that medium-sized furniture are moved for cleaning and replaced on Styrofoam blocks.

For your Aliso Viejo carpet cleaning needs, call 1st Choice Carpet and Air Duct today at 714-400-7458 or 714-987-2840, or fill out our contact us form.

Dana Point Carpet Cleaner

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1st Choice carpet cleaning offers Dana Point carpet cleaners for affordable prices. We clean all homes and commercial buildings that need carpet cleaning services in Dana Point, providing your home or office with freshly cleaned carpets. Keep your home or office safe and clean with our professional Dana Point carpet cleaning services. We provide green carpet cleaning solutions that guarantee clean carpets that are safe for children and pets, along with safety we offer the fastest drying carpet cleaning service in all of Dana Point.

we know you will be happy with how clean your carpets come out once our professional carpet cleaning technicians are done with your home or office here in beautiful Dana Point California.

We take pride in our carpet cleaning services and we know how to care for your carpets. We will make sure to keep your home well kept and safe while we clean your home and ensure that our setup and clean up makes for a great experience when you chose to use 1st choice carpet cleaners for servicing your home or office location. We want you to be satisfied with our carpet cleaning service and know that we have your best interest when cleaning your home for the safety of your children and pets. Our carpet cleaning solutions are the safest in the industry and we make sure to use green cleaning solutions when cleaning your carpets. Guaranteed safety is what you will get along with fresh clean carpets with 1st Choice carpet cleaning company here in Dana Point.

Carpet Cleaning Dana Point

Contact us today and let us help keep your carpets fresh and safe for you children and pets, allow us to clean your home or office and make your carpets look brand new! We love what we do and it will show through our carpet cleaning services for your home or office location in Dana Point.

Irvine Carpet Cleaning Company

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1st Choice carpet cleaning in Irvine offers the best carpet cleaning service for your home or business in beautiful Irvine California. Our professional cleaners provide you with years of carpet cleaning experience to ensure that your carpets are being cleaned in the best possible way with the most up to date technology and cleaning supplies. Our customers love our services and as you can tell by our reviews we can provide your carpets with a clean, fresh new look. When we clean your carpets you can rest assured that we will take good care of you and your home or business carpets or floors.

Our Carpet Cleaning’s experts will work diligently to earn your confidence with our experience and expertise. Our technicians are licensed and certified to meet your needs professionally. We provide cleaning services for your carpets that last long and help your carpets stay fresh.

  • 1st Choice Carpet Cleaning has a cleaning solution to suit you or your company’s needs and schedule.
  • 1st Choice Carpet Cleaning uses products that are chemically safe for children and pets and known to be the best for your carpet care.
  • 1st Choice Carpet Cleaning takes pride in giving your home or business the appearance that makes your friends and clients look forward to visiting you due to the fresh new look.
  • 1st Choice Cleaning is a certified carpet cleaning company in Irvine
  • 1st Choice Carpet Cleaning has been serving Orange County for over 10 years with superior carpet cleaning, upholstery cleaning, stone & tile cleaning services.

Carpet Cleaning Company Irvine

Contact 1st Choice carpet cleaners in Irvine today and allow us to keep your home or office clean with professional carpet cleaning services. Click here to contact us now!

Top Carpet Cleaning Reasons

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Are you noticing itchy eyes and runny noses? This could be a bye product of the pollutants and allergens found in your carpets. The quickest way to improve these symptoms is to get your carpets cleaned on a regular basis.

Dust mites call your carpet home. Yes, I know you don’t want to admit it, but those pesky little critters are there. Regular vacuuming does not remove them but carpet cleaning does.

Have a stain that won’t come out? Steamed carpet cleaning can remove stains and give life to your carpet.

There is nothing like a clean carpet that freshens up any room. There is a lighter and happier feeling. Plus, you aren’t trying to explain away stains when company stops by.

Let’s not forget the fresh smell in your house after your carpets are cleaned. All the deep dust, allergens and mold spores are gone and you are left with nothing but clean carpets and clean breathable air.

Make sure to use scotch guard to discourage the return of any stains. This helps with future cleanings and to just keep your carpets looking presentable in-between professional cleanings.

Looking for a quick pick me up? Get your carpets cleaned today!

Get Rid Of Dust Mites

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What Lives In Your Home

Dust mites are microscopic creatures that live in textiles, bedding and carpets and feed on dead skin cells from humans and dander from pets. Dust mites, although disgusting to think about, do not pose a significant problem for many; however, there are millions of people who are particularly sensitive or allergic to them. Unfortunately, dust mites can be very difficult to get rid of, as there can be as many as 100,000 on 1 square yard of carpet, and most homes create an ideal environment for their flourishing colonies.

Get rid of Dust Mites and Allergy by cleaning your home today

Contact us to set up an appointment. We look forward to hearing from you.